6 Homeopathy Medicines for Your First Aid Kit

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    Although most homeopathic medicines are slow-acting, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use them for first aid treatment. First aid is very important since it gives you the ability to cure minor ailments and help cure them at a minor stage itself. In order to use medicines for first aid, they need to be accessible to you. We’ve prepared a list of 6 homeopathic medicines for common ailments that to help you prepare your homeopathy first aid kit.

    1. Aconite:

    It’s one of the best acute remedies in homeopathy. It is prepared from the flower Aconite which comes from a species of deadly, poisonous flowers. If one takes this medicine on the onset of cold, the virus is prevented from spreading further. It also helps relieve joint pain, inflammation, gout, etc. It also has the ability to speed up the healing of wounds. It is used as pills or creams.

    2. Arnica:

    Arnica is a must for households with kids. It’s a common remedy for bruises, injuries, shock, etc. It is also very useful in treating people with arthritis, pain after dental treatment, and jet lag. It also promotes hair growth. Depending on what it’s used for, it is available in different forms such as oil, cream, and pills.

    3. Belladonna:

    Belladonna is another homeopathic remedy that is prepared from a poisonous plant. It is usually related to the words red, burning, and hot. It is a very good remedy for fever and sunstroke. Other than that it is also used for boils, ulcers, and acne.

    4. Cantharis:

    Cantharis is usually used as a cream and is a must in every kitchen. It is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory medicines for treating burns. It also leaves very minimal scarring on the skin after treatment. Cantharis also helps treat urinary tract infections.

    5. Chamomilla:

    Chamomilla has soothing properties that help reduce pain and induce drowsiness as a state of calm. It is also called parents’ best friend since it helps to calm down irritable babies. It is very useful for treating colic pain and teething irritability. It also helps in cough, diarrhea, earache, toothache, insomnia, period problems, etc.

    6. Nux Vomica:

    This is one of the best medicines for several gastrointestinal problems, loss of appetite, depression, and migraines. It can also be used for treating a hangover. The amount of dosage administered depends on the individual affected, the type of problem and the reason for the same.


    Medicines for common ailments are a must in every first aid kit. However, it is not advised to take any medicine without medical supervision first. If you’re keeping these medicines at home, you should ask your trusted homeopath about the correct dosage and administration prior to using them. Being a little careful goes a long way, especially when it comes to medicines and treatment. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us or use our website to find your nearest homeopath.

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