All You Need To Know About Autism & Its Homeopathic Treatment

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    What is Autism?

    Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that first begins in infancy or childhood and usually continues without remission. People with autism are usually intensely impaired in some things and completely normal, or even exceptional, in a few things.
    Autism impairs social interaction and developmental communication skills and is usually accompanied by rigid and repetitive behaviour. It is a highly variable disorder that is now known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which includes a variety of symptoms and minor disorders such as Asperger’s syndrome.
    Autism is much more common than people think it to be – every year, more than 1 million people are affected in India with this disorder.

    What causes it

    The exact cause of autism is still unknown and being probed into. Research implies that it is caused by a combination of various genetic and environmental factors.

    Genetic factors:

    Research shows that autism tends to run in the family. Changes in particular genes will increase the risks associated with autism. Majority of the changes do not cause autism on their own but they definitely increase the risk for the child.

    Environmental factors:

    Various factors such as advanced age of the parents and complications during pregnancy or at the time of birth tend to increase the risk associated with the disorder.
    Other possible triggers include being exposed to alcohol and other drugs such as cocaine and sodium valproate while in the womb.

    How to recognize it

    Autism is a vastly variable disorder and has some indications to help recognize it such as impaired social skills, restricted interests, and repetitive behaviours.

    Social communication:

    People with autism have difficulty understanding verbal and non-verbal language (gestures, the tone of voice, etc). Some may have a very limited speech or may not speak at all. They usually have difficulty with vague and abstract concepts. They also may have a difficult time understand the emotions of other people or expressing their feelings too. This makes them appear as insensitive or strange and hence, results in various difficulties for them.

    Repetitive behaviour:

    These behaviours vary across the ASD and they can include the following:

    • Repetitive body movements
    • Repeating words and phrases
    • Resistance to any kind of change
    • Ritualistic behaviours such as stacking up objects
    • Extreme interest in a selected number of topics
    • Staring at lights or moving objects

    How homeopathy can help

    Most popular homeopathic treatments for autism today use multiple medicines that address a range of behaviours. The exact combination is made up depending upon the patient. Carsinosin, Helleborous, Tarentula hispanica, and Calcacea carbonica are some of the medicines used for the treatment of this disorder.
    Currently, there are no major studies done on the use of homeopathy for autism. However, a 2013 Indian study on 60 children found that homeopathy shows significant improvement in various symptoms of autism, such as communication, sensory awareness, health, behaviour, and socialization. It also displayed an improvement in the scores of the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) of the children in just 6 months.
    Homeopathy is a natural and safe alternative treatment method. Most parents whose children are suffering from autism are very interested in adopting homeopathy to address the symptoms that aren’t being addressed by conventional treatment.
    If you are looking to seek treatment or if you have any more questions regarding autism, feel free to contact us anytime!

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