Celebrities who swear by Homeopathy

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    If you had all the money and fame in the world, what kind of medical treatment would you go for? Modern medicines prescribed by doctors wearing white jackets, seated in a highly sterile and advanced clinic? Or would you go for traditional medicine that has its roots in the natural world and history?
    Well, here’s a list of 8 celebrities who are huge fans of homeopathy. You’d be surprised by the names that we have in the list below:
    David Beckham When Beckham was injured right before the 2002 world cup, he was devastated and so were his fans. The first game was only 50 days away and his chances of playing the game were virtually nil. Doctors told him that he would take around 4-6 weeks to heal and another 2-4 weeks for rehabilitation. He received intensive treatment, which included homeopathy, to speed up the process. He was so impressed with homeopathy that he told the world about it, and he & his wife Victoria Beckham both use homeopathic meds now.
    Paul McCartney
    Former Beatles member and singer-songwriter is a great fan of homeopathy. He was introduced to homeopathy by his wife Linda. When she was first diagnosed with tonsillitis, she was prescribed antibiotics which only provided temporary relief. But when she consulted a homeopathic doctor, she got rid of all problems related to tonsillitis.
    Johnny Depp
    Johnny is one of the biggest celebrities today who suffers from anxiety issues. While you certainly can’t tell that he has got anxiety issues when he’s acting, it is quite evident from his TV interviews in front of a huge crowd. It makes him uncomfortable and even panicked at times. He uses Anhalonium on a regular basis to get him through his anxiety issues.
    Kim Cattrall
    She, who is well known for her award-winning role as Samantha in Sex and the city was introduced to homeopathy when she lived in Frankfurt, Germany. She swears by Arnica which is used for pain and swelling related to bruises, aches and sprains.
    Usain Bolt
    The world record-breaking Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is a follower of homeopathy since he was 16 years old. He takes advice and treatment from his Munich-based German sports doctor whose name is Hans-Wilheim-Wohlfahrt.
    Cindy Crawford
    One of the original supermodels confessed to being a fan and follower of homeopathy on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Here’s what she said: “I am the doctor of our family and I’m a big fan of homeopathy. I always make sure I have it on me or in the medical kit. It works.

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