Consuming sugar may not be the cause of your diabetes!

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    One of the leading myths associated with Type 2 diabetes is that consuming too much sugar can cause the disease. This myth keeps floating around due to the fact that a high blood sugar level is diabetes. People have assumed that if they eat too much sugar, it’ll eventually lead to a rise in their blood sugar levels.
    Because of this assumption, many people are completely baffled when they get diabetes despite having avoided sugar and sweets as much as possible. But the truth is that Type 2 diabetes is a disease that is caused by multiple factors instead of just one. So there are chances that you may get diabetes even after limiting the sugar consumption.
    So how do we bust this myth? Simply by understanding the factors that cause diabetes and the kind of foods that affect the blood sugar level (yes, it’s not just sugar).

    Here are the major factors that cause type 2 diabetes:

    1. Hereditary disposition
    2. Lack of exercise
    3. Diet
    4. Obesity – especially when the visceral fat and BMI are high
    5. Age and ethnicity
    As we can see here, there is more to type 2 than just diet. However, the causes vary from person to person. For professional help, you can seek our doctors and get a consultation by reaching out to us.
    To be fair, sugar does play a big role and sometimes it can be the sole reason too. Let’s see which factors and what elements in your diet can be contributing towards diabetes.

    Who’s the culprit?

    Diabetes is a disorder of how the body consumes glucose – the fuel our body uses for daily survival. The relation between glucose and dietary sugar is not direct. Studies show that there is a strong relationship between the amount of carbohydrates, starch, fiber and sugar to diabetes. Basically, anything that has excess calories could lead to diabetes.
    Starches, sugars, and carbohydrates can increase the blood sugar levels and fiber may help slow down the speed of increase in sugar level.

    When it comes to carbohydrates,

    the level of sugar in the blood depends on the types. There are 2 types of carbohydrates:

    a. Simple carbohydrates –

    These are made up of sugars which have simple structures composed of only one or two sugars. These are quickly digested by our body, thus increasing the blood sugar levels.

    b. Complex carbohydrates –

    These have chemically complex structures, mostly made up of 3-4 different sugars. These foods contain other vitamins and fiber and take a longer time to digest. The energy is released slowly and thus, the sugar level stays in control.


    is also another kind of carbohydrate that increases the sugar level. This is usually found in many staple foods around the world such as rice, wheat, maize and also in vegetables such as potato and other root vegetables.


    is actually very beneficial to diabetic patients and helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Including fibre in the diet reduces the chances of forming cardio-metabolic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance, obesity, etc.


    Before treatment, comes prevention. For preventing diabetes, you may make some lifestyles changes so that those factors don’t lead you to become diabetic. Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy BMI and weight, eating a balanced diet are just some of the things you should try to inculcate in your daily routine.
    If you are already in the prediabetes or diabetes stage, then you can opt for medicines as well. However, you should try homeopathic medicines instead of allopathic for diabetes. This is because allopathic medicines will induce insulin artificially in your body and your pancreas will not function well again. But homeopathic medicines will help make your pancreas strong and functional yet again. This will help you cure diabetes and live a healthy life.
    A best-selling medicine by our company is very useful in this case. Dibe-Z is safe and tested, created by leading homeopaths. It helps you bring down your sugar level and also relieves you from symptoms associated with diabetes.

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