Does the alcohol in Homeopathic medicines harm our liver?

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    Homeopathy is based on the idea that ‘like-cures-like’, meaning that diseases can be cured with a substance that induces the symptoms of that disease in healthy individuals.
    As an example, let’s study Nux Vomica – a medicine that is made from a plant that is also known as poison nut. Being extremely poisonous, one would think that it would be avoided. But homeopathy used that poison and turned it into a safe and gentle medicine. Nux Vomica helps relieve many symptoms such as nausea, stuffed nose, flatulence, etc.
    Since so many of the medicines in homeopathy are prepared by using animals, insects and even poisonous plants; people tend to be worried about the side-effects of these medicines.
    However, rest assured, no harmful side-effects are caused if you intake homeopathic remedies. The reason for this can be understood once you know how the medicines are prepared.

    How are homeopathic medicines prepared?

    Homeopaths believe that no two individuals are made the same way. Each person in this world is unique and so the medicines should also cater to everyone specifically. The homeopath first studies a patient thoroughly, understanding all the predispositions, habits, problem areas, moods and other factors that include the person’s innate qualities, as well as physical, mental and emotional well-being. After this is defined, the homeopath finds the perfect remedy for that individual. This is done only after taking into account all the necessary information about the patient.
    The medicines used for preparing the remedy are mixed with water or alcohol. Each time the medicine is mixed, it is shaken well. This process is repeated until the desired potency is reached. The potentization by dilution is said to enhance the effects of the substance.
    Since the process is repeated so many times, it’s difficult to find a single molecule of the original substance. According to homeopathy, water has a distinct power of memory and the substances that are mixed in it leave a trace of their essence back with the molecules of water. This makes the medicines effective, and at the same time, reduces the chances for any side-effects caused by the potentially harmful substances in the substance.

    Can homeopathic medicines harm our liver?

    A majority of people are concerned about the fact that homeopathic medicines are prepared by dissolving the substance in alcohol. However, it is not always the case because many of the medicines are dissolved in water as well. Apart from that, the alcohol is just used to dissolve the substance. The potentization of the substance is carried out by using just water.
    As the effect of poisonous substances fade away along with the potentization process, so do the harmful effects of alcohol. After being diluted so many times in water, there is almost no alcohol present in the medicine.
    Hence the statement that the alcohol present in the homeopathic medicines is harmful to the liver is nothing but a myth. There are many people who have been taking homeopathic medicines since years and yet their liver is perfectly healthy.
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