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    Piles or haemorrhoids, one of the most painful heredity diseases are the conditions of having swollen veins around the anus or in the lower rectum. They can either be internal or external. Internal haemorrhoids develop within the anus and external haemorrhoids develop outside of the anus. External haemorrhoids are the most common and they cause the most trouble. Haemorrhoids cause pain, severe itching, and difficulty in sitting. 
    Although experts aren’t sure about the exact cause of the development of this disease, there are a few probable reasons for the same, like:
    ¬ Family history of haemorrhoids
    ¬ Complications from chronic constipation
    ¬ Straining during a bowel movement
    ¬ Long periods of sitting, especially on the toilet seat
    Whether it’s the family history or sitting habits that are causing the haemorrhoids, homoeopathy can stimulate the body’s most efficient efforts to help you get rid of Piles.
    Homoeopathic remedy for Piles:

    ZCare Wellness’s Pile-Z has been popular with many since its introduction.
    Whether it is the burning, itching or bleeding of the rectum due to piles, this homoeopathic formula stimulates the body’s most efficient efforts to relieve the ugly and painful symptoms of piles.
    The specially formulated ingredients of Pile-Z add diversity to piles care:
    ¬ Nitrium Acidum
    Nitrium Acidum helps with stabbing in the intestine, splinter pain, a sensation of constriction during defecation with persistent pain after stool.
    ¬ Aesculus Hippocastanum
    This ingredient helps with the dryness and burning of the external haemorrhoidal mucosa. It relieves dull pains in sacral region and venous statis.
    ¬ Collinsonia Canadensis
    This ingredient helps to treat venous congestion in the pelvis, obstipation, flatulence, and hematogenic piles.
    ¬ Hamamelis Virginica
    This is particularly helpful in treating varices, bleeding and piles.
    ¬ Ratanhia Peruviana
    This is useful in symptoms associated with aversion to food from a feeling of satiety
    ¬ Ferrum Phosphoricum
    This is an excellent homoeopathic remedy for piles. This is prescribed for both bleeding and non-bleeding piles.
    ¬ Aloe Socotrina
    This is prescribed when piles are present outside the anus and in the form of tiny balls.
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