Holi special: What are the scientific reasons for celebrating it?

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    Colors hide all differences. The caste, race, class, education, and everything else that divides us.
    What is Holi? The festival of colours, love, fun, and togetherness.
    All of us love celebrating this festival and splashing each other with colours. It is a special favourite amongst kids.
    But how many of us know the science behind Holi? Surprised?
    Indian festivals have been celebrated for centuries. Our ancestors have written the Vedas and made numerous scientific discoveries. Thus, the ancestors also took care that each festival follows rituals and traditions which have a scientific reason. Let’s take a deeper look at Holi with a scientific perspective.

    Scientific reasons for celebrating Holi:

    1. To get rid of the laziness
    2. Kills bacteria
    3. The colours promote wellness and good health
    4. Promotes happiness

    1. To get rid of the laziness

    Holi usually comes in the month of March and that is the time when the season is changing. As winter goes away and spring arrives, there is a period in between which is mutated. It causes people to be more lazy and tardy.
    Hence, in the festival, people tend to sing loudly and shout out loud. It helps to rejuvenate the senses and energy. It helps to make people active again and have fun at the same time.

    2. Kills bacteria

    Along with the tardiness, there is another problem that comes up along with the changing seasons. There is a lot of unwanted bacteria in the air and people tend to get sick during changing seasons.
    According to the rituals, Holika Dahan’s bonfire is supposed to include certain ingredients in it. It is made up with the logs of Eucalyptus and Neem along with cow dung cakes. All these things have medicinal properties and burning them makes them act as natural pest control. It helps get rid of bacteria and pests easily.
    On the next day, people take the ash from the bonfire and swipe it across the forehead. This promotes well-being.

    3. Using natural colours

    We now have synthetic colours which are rather harmful for our skin and bodies. But earlier, people used to prepare colours using natural plant-based sources. These natural colours were very beneficial to our bodies and they actually used to help our bodies become better and stronger.
    Various flowers used to be soaked in water overnight to get the coloured liquid for playing. Apart from that, turmeric was used in a large quantity for making various colours such as yellow and red. Kumkum or gulaal, the famous red colour that is used for playing is made by mixing turmeric with lime. Applying turmeric or flowers on our bodies actually beautifies our bodies and makes them stronger.
    Not only that but sometimes colours are also taken by using beetroot, the peels of pomegranate, marigold, kesu flowers, etc. Since all of these are natural, they are very good for our bodies and health.

    4. Promotes happiness

    Holi is a festival of togetherness. With so much joy in the air and so many colours everywhere, it becomes a little difficult to stay sullen. Happy people are generally healthier. Since immunity plays such a big role in our health and well-being, it is important to maintain a healthy immune system.
    Laughter may or may not be the best medicine but happiness is. It has noteworthy medical benefits. It has also been noted that happier people tend to get better faster than negative patients.

    On a Final Note

    Modernization has ruined the original rituals and traditions of our ancestors. We may think of them as old-age traditions which are really boring. But looking at them carefully, you’ll realize that each and everything they did had a particular reason behind it. And the reason usually had scientific elements behind it. Let us try and follow what they did, it may turn out to be beneficial for us most of the time!
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