Holistic approach towards life with homeopathy

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    Living a holistic lifestyle is healthier than others in the long run. It basically means that you are using natural remedies to heal your body.

    But what is holistic lifestyle?

    In this lifestyle, you observe everything as whole and not in parts. For example, if you fall sick, you look at the sickness from all the aspects and not just physiologically. The background of an illness could also be mental or psychological.
    Homeopathy is the best medicine to help you live your life the holistic way since all the medicines are made from natural substances. Homeopathy views a person as whole and doesn’t focus on just the illness.
    Homeopathy was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann about 200 years ago in order to provide a safe and gentle way of healing. It is based on the Law of Similars which means that when someone takes a substance, it produces a definite set of symptoms in that person’s body.
    The underlying philosophy is that when a substance taken by a normal person induces certain effects, then if a sick person takes the same substance – it will cure the same symptoms.
    For example, if a bee stings you, it leads to various symptoms such as stinging and delirium. If a person were to suffer from rashes or skin problems that sting, he is given the medicine Apis mellifica which is basically prepared from the Western or European honey bee.
    Thus, according to homeopathic philosophy, we are cured by the same thing that may have caused the illness in us. It triggers our body’s natural healing system and helps us cure the sickness from the root.
    Homeopathic remedies stimulate your body’s natural healing system so that it can correct the wrong state of health. Along with that, the medicines also help to make your immune system stronger and prevents the same disease from affecting you again for years, or lifetime.
    The homeopathic remedies are made from a plethora of substances that are taken not only from plants but also from animals and minerals. All of them are holistic and work on the core level to help you treat all your illnesses not just physiologically but also emotionally and mentally.
    A consultation with a homeopath is not an in-and-out session. The first consultation with a homeopathic doctor takes 45-60 minutes; the doctor needs this amount of time to thoroughly study and understand the patient. It doesn’t matter whether you have a viral fever or kidney stones, the homeopath treats everyone equally.
    The thorough understanding is necessary to understand the underlying reasons for a particular illness. There are many medicines that cure fever, but the disposition and nature of the patient is important to find the perfect remedy. Because of this individual and special approach, the perfect remedy helps to restore all the illnesses back to normal. The reason why it works so well is because it also helps treat the underlying reason such as restlessness, fatigue, mental imbalance, hormone imbalance, etc.
    Along with taking homeopathic medicines, it’s suggested that you follow certain lifestyle habits that help you maintain a good health:
    1. Consuming a balanced diet.
    2. Drinking water to stay hydrated.
    3. Getting adequate rest when sick in order to avoid physical, mental and emotional exertion.
    Exercising regularly.
    4. Deep breathing (especially in fresh air)
    5. Sufficient amount of sleep every day
    Leading a stress-free life with good habits is the best way to support a holistic lifestyle. Homeopathy is very helpful and can support you to lead a life without causing any harm to either you or anybody else.
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