Homeopathy can change the global economy

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    Steroids and the immune system

    When a child suffers from an allergy and shows several symptoms, they are given anti-allergy drugs. These drugs suppress the symptoms but the disease keeps on increasing with time. As the disease increases, the doctors are forced to prescribe steroids. Steroids weaken the immune system by slowing it down in order to bring down the inflammation. In the long run, your immune system becomes weak and vulnerable to other diseases.
    Instead, using homeopathic medicines, you can easily get your liver to become strong enough to digest the toxins in the body. This will prevent them from reaching the skin and producing allergic symptoms. It also enables the immune system to stay strong throughout life. This is a simple logic that will help people live a healthier and longer life.

    Auto-immune diseases

    Several medications and processes are also used for severe illnesses and they end up causing damage to the kidney. Other than this, there are several auto-immune diseases which are produced when bacteria or viruses enter your body and take shelter inside cells of various cells. Your immune system will create antibodies to fight these problem-causing agents. Sometimes, these antibodies may end up causing harm to your organs which are acting as a host for these agents. This can take place in the kidney and cause illnesses like Glomerulonephritis. The only solution is a steroid which ends up damaging the kidney too.
    After taking the steroids, when the patients are suffering from kidney damage, they opt for a treatment called haemodialysis. This is an expensive treatment that only helps the patient survive for some time. Once the kidneys start to fail, the patients are required to have a kidney transplant.
    There are many such expensive drugs, treatments and procedures that are commonplace. Most of these illnesses can be easily healed with homeopathy. The whole process affects the national economy in an elaborate manner and also reduces the productivity of people.
    Here is a list of autoimmune diseases caused by viral attacks. These diseases cause damage to different organs. The conventional treatment for all of them is almost the same – that is, using steroids for suppressing the problem, resorting to expensive treatment procedures that wreck your body and organ transplant.
    1. Type 1 Diabetes
    2. Celiac disease
    3. Psoriasis
    4. Vitiligo
    5. Gastritis
    6. Berger’s disease
    7. Autoimmune urticaria
    8. Autoimmune Hepatitis
    9. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    10. Autoimmune haemolitic anaemia
    Most of these illnesses are categorized as non-communicable diseases [NCD], which means that these are not contagious. NCD is also a term that is sometimes used for chronic diseases that last for a long time and progress slowly. These diseases end up making millions of people disabled and destroy their capability to contribute to the national economy.
    If homeopathic medicines are used for these diseases, they can stop these diseases from turning into autoimmune diseases. Doing this would save so many people from chronic diseases and completely turn around the national, and by association, global economy.
    It won’t just make a greater number of people efficient to work and contribute to the economy, but it will also help more people retain their income. This retention would take place because people would save money that they are currently spending on expensive treatments. As people become more efficient and save more money, it’ll end up raising the percentage of rich people in the nation.
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