Homeopathy – Is it a safe option for infants and children?

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    Introduction to the science of homeopathy

    Homeopathy was developed by Dr. Hahnemann in Germany and has since been practiced for over 200 years now. It is based on the concept of like cures like, which is also the basic principle behind the development of vaccinations and allergy shots. The concept states that the cause of the inflammation or the illness, which delivered to the body in extremely diluted dosages, makes the body immune to that ailment. Homeopathy medicines are derived by diluting stronger medicines and delivered to the body through pills multiple times a day. It is one of the most successful and trusted systems of alternative medicine across the world. The reason behind this trust and success is the fact that homeopathic medicines are known not to have adverse effects on the patients.

    Application of homeopathy

    The scope of homeopathy is very wide spread. Homeopathic medicines are capable of managing and treating most diseases without side effects that are observed with allopathic medicines. However, homeopathic treatment is not just about the medicine to treat the ailment – it is a holistic approach towards wellness. Trained homeopathic doctors often understand the root cause behind the illness before treating it. The cause of the symptoms of the patients is often rooted in the patients’ lifestyle, food habits, and emotional state. By understanding these aspects, the homeopathic practitioners have a better picture of the symptoms, the ailment, and the underlying causes. Thus homeopathy provides a holistic treatment for the root causes of the symptoms without disturbing wellness equilibrium of the body.

    Homeopathy for infants and children

    Unlike allopathic medicines, homeopathic medicines remain the same – whether they are for adults, infants, children, pregnant women, or for aged people. The main advantage of homeopathic medicines is that they are diluted multiple times, which implies that the dosage is very low – so it is safe for everyone. Moreover, since the dosages are very low, the chances of adverse effects on the human body are very less. Since the concentration of the homeopathic medicines is very low, yet another important benefit of homeopathic medicines is that they do not interact in any way with any other medicines. Hence, homeopathic treatments can be continued in parallel with the allopathic treatments. However, when combining any two types of medical treatments, it is always best to remain transparent about the treatments to both the doctors.

    Homeopathy for infants and children – what do the pediatricians say

    Most top pediatricians over the world are aware of the adverse effects of the high dosages of the allopathic medicines on the physiology and psychology of children and infants. Hence, they are open to exploring alternative systems of medicine for children. Top pediatricians across the world believe that since the concentrations of the homeopathic medicines are very low, in regulated dosages, they are safe for children and even infants. However, proper precautions should be carried out and the homeopathic medicines that are used for children should be manufactured by organizations that are regulated by the governing bodies. ZCare Wellness offers a wide range of homeopathic medical solutions for children and infants for the treatment and management of various ailments and diseases.

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