Homeopathy: The Surefire Treatment for Low Sperm Count

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    A quick Google search on infertility shows up numerous results, most of them being about female infertility. However, a man could be equally responsible for fertility issues. At least that’s what the statistics show.
    According to this article from The Times of India, 10-15 per cent of married Indian couples face infertility issues. Out of this, 30-40 per cent is male fertility. One of the most common reasons for male fertility is deficient spermatozoa.
    Deficient spermatozoa, also known as oligospermia, refers to semen that has a low concentration of sperm. This could also have an effect on the structure and motility of the sperm. Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options for the same, including homeopathic treatment.
    There could be several causes for deficient spermatozoa in males, let’s take a look at them below.

    Causes of Low Sperm Count

    As such, there is no definite cause for a low sperm count in males. However, there are several factors which contribute to and lead to semen with a lower sperm concentration. Also, these factors don’t necessarily impede the production of sperm cells, they just increase the possibility of the same. We’ve mentioned the most common ones below:

    • Drugs, alcohol, smoking
    • Strenuous riding such as bicycle or horse riding
    • Medications
    • Age
    • Genetic problems such as defects in the Y chromosome
    • Trauma
    • Vas deferens obstruction
    • Lack of Vas deferens
    • Infections
    • Heat
    • Unhealthy diet or malnutrition
    • Last ejaculation
    • Stress
    • Testicular cancers or underlying cell tumours
    • Lack of exercise
    • Exposure to radiation or X-rays
    • Pesticides
    • Heavy metal exposure
    • Vitamin deficiency
    • Obesity

    Symptoms of Low Sperm Count

    The main symptom, and indication, of deficient spermatozoa, is when the man is unable to get his partner pregnant. Other than this, some rare symptoms may include some signs of hormonal problems such as changes in hair growth and other sexual functions. Sometimes, pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle could also be a symptom.
    If a diagnosis is being done then a sperm count of 15 million/mL or less is considered a problem usually.

    Homeopathic Remedies for Low Sperm Count

    The homeopathic treatment for low sperm count is usually individualistic since there are so many factors which could cause it. Depending on the diagnosis, the homeopathic doctor usually prescribes some homeopathic remedy which may help rectify the issue.

    • Acid Phos: This medicine is useful to treat those who face an unintentional and involuntary seminal loss. It also aids in improving the quality of semen.
    • Anna Sativa: Useful in spermatorrhoea and excessive sexual indulgence.
    • Arnica: Arnica is useful for treating semen with low sperm count when the reason is varicocele.
    • Caladium: It is used for treating people with reduced or weak sexual functions, majorly caused by tobacco abuse.
    • Damiana: An extremely useful remedy for impotency.
    • Rhododendron: This medicine is especially useful when the patient has severely swollen and painful testicles due to infection.
    • Selenium: It is helpful when the semen is thin and colourless.
    • Hyoscyamus Niger: It is useful in treating male impotence.
    • China Officinalis: It is advised to help with general debility and for recovery from various diseases.

    Men-Z: Best Homeopathic Medicine for Low Sperm Count

    As mentioned earlier, low sperm count or deficient spermatozoa is a disease that needs to be taken care of individually for each patient. However, there are some formulas and remedies in homeopathy for the same which may allow patients to deal with it easily. With time-tested formulas, one could combat various problems related to sexual health and functioning in a much simpler way.
    At ZCare Wellness, we believe in serving people with homeopathy. Since this is such a major issue in the society, that isn’t being talked about much on any platform or level, we decided to address the issue and find a solution for the same heads-on.
    Hence, we formulated, produced, tested and then started with the manufacturing designed solely for men. It is the perfect health restorative homeopathic medicine for men. Other than helping improve low sperm count, it also cures a number of sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, sexual neurasthenia and restores lost vigour and vitality. This medicine is called Men-Z. Here are the composites for the medicine:

    1. Damiana
    2. Acidum Phosphoricum
    3. Anna Sativo
    4. Agnus Castus
    5. Selenium
    6. Hyoscymus Niger
    7. China officinalis

    Men-Z: Homeopathic medicine for men's sexual disorders
    Homeopathic treatment is one of the safest and most effective ways of treating low sperm count. It not only improves the sperm count but it also helps with other problems such as quality of sperm, motility, erectile dysfunction, the viscosity of the semen and hormonal imbalances that affect the same.
    If you liked reading this blog and want to improve your lifestyle in a holistic way with homeopathy, here is a blog that you can read for the same!

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