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    We’ve heard about Homeopathy a lot. Many of us also know what it means and how it originated. But not many know about the homeopathy today. Mentioned below are a few quick facts about Homeopathy:
    According to the World Health Organization, Homeopathy is used by over 500 million people worldwide. This makes Homeopathy the second most extensively used medicine in the world. Homeopathy is given such a great importance in some countries like England, Netherlands, France and Germany that its included in National Health Service of these countries.
    France – There are seven medical schools in France that offer post graduate degrees in homeopathy. Around 18,000 physicians prescribe homeopathic remedies to the patients and all 23,000 pharmacies carry homeopathic remedies.
    England – Homeopathy has been loved and followed by the people in England for many years. The Royal family has used homeopathy for three generations. Around 42% of the physicians in England refer patients to homeopaths. Currently, there are five homeopathic hospitals in England. The oldest of them, the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital has been there for 200 years.
    Germany – Around 20% of the physicians in Germany prescribe homeopathic remedies.
    The Netherlands – Out of the physicians present in the Netherlands, 45% of them consider homeopathy effective.
    India – Indian has over 70,000 board certified homeopathic physicians, many homeopathic hospitals and clinics and many homeopathic schools.
    Vienna, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, Greece, Belgium, New Zealand, Scotland, Australia, Russia, Argentina are some of the other countries where Homeopathy is practised.
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