Homeopathy vs. Allopathy: Which is better?

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    Homeopathy and Allopathy have always been at the two opposite ends of the equilibrium. People on either sides keep waging wars against each other. But the thing that everyone needs to understand is that both the forms of treatment have the same end goal: treating people.
    The terms for both these medical fields were coined by Samuel Hahnemann. Let’s study them both in depth.

    What is allopathy?

    Allopathy works on the theory that if someone is suffering from some particular disease, then a remedy is to be administered depending on the disease and the symptoms present. Allopathy is made to suppress the symptoms quickly and give relief. Allopathy is very fast-acting and provides immediate relief in case of major accidents. These medicines are made from chemicals in big pharmaceutical companies and are mostly man-made. Using them in emergency situations is what saves many lives. However, since they are made up of chemicals, each drug has numerous side-effects and shouldn’t be used in extreme.

    What is homeopathy?

    Homeopathy is based on a theory of “like cures like

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