How can I improve memory and concentration with homeopathy?

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    Forgetfulness and lack of concentration is usually associated with old age but it is pretty common and can be seen in children as well.
    Lack of concentration is taken lightly but it shouldn’t be. It affects a person in many ways. The person affected has difficulty understanding, remembering and doing daily tasks too. It seems harmless at first but it could soon turn into a very severe problem when the patient forgets important things such as keys, money, and other thing that may compromise the safety of that person along with others.
    A lack of concentration and memory loss is a deadly combination that can put the person at risk. There are several underlying factors that can cause it. The resultant symptoms related to memory and focus are collectively called brain fog. Let’s take a look at some of the potential causes:

    1. Stress

    Stress is something that almost every one of us experiences. Stress is of 2 types: eustress and distress. Eustress is actually the ‘good stress’ and it helps us work better. However, chronic distress is very harmful and can cause problems with brain and its functions severely. It also causes mental fatigue which makes it difficult for your brain to function properly.

    2. Lack of sleep

    Lack of sleep or irregular sleeping cycle can mess with the overall health of a person. A good night’s sleep is extremely important in order to function properly and fight off sicknesses.

    3. Hormonal changes

    Certain hormonal imbalances as seen during pregnancy or menopause can also cause brain fog. This is why we often see women experiencing mood swings, forgetfulness, etc during these phases.

    4. Diet

    Vitamin B12 is one of the major elements required for good neuro health. A diet that lack this vitamin can cause brain fog. Apart from this, there are certain trigger foods such as dairy, peanuts, etc which can cause concentration problems in the form of allergy reaction. Some junk foods like pizza, pasta and carbonated drinks are also know to induce sleepiness and sluggishness which affects the person in the long run.

    5. Medical conditions

    Certain deficiencies, mental disorders and others such as depression, anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis, dehydration, etc.

    6. Medications

    Certain allopathic drugs used for treatment may cause sluggishness of the brain and functions. An example of this includes chemotherapy that is used for cancer patients. Other than this some painkillers such as morphine are also known to cause these side-effects.

    How do I treat lack of concentration and memory loss with homeopathy?

    Depending on the cause for your lack of focus, there are several remedies that a homeopath may prescribe to you.
    If is caused due to side-effects of certain medications then you will be asked to reduce or stop that medicine, and then administered appropriate remedy.
    If it is due to other underlying medical problems, then the homeopath will give you homeopathic medicines to cure that problem and your concentration and memory power will be back to normal!
    Problems caused in the brain functions due to lack of sleep, diet, hormonal changes and stress are basically in need of lifestyle changes. When you visit a homeopath, he give you certain guidelines pertaining to the cause.
    Along with changing your diet, you can also take a homeopathic health tonic that promotes physical and mental activities. We have a tonic named Alfa-Z that is useful for restoring physical and mental well-being by replenishing deficiency of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
    Have any questions about lack of concentration and memory loss? Visit ZCare Wellness to find the nearest homeopath today!

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