Mother Tincture: Meaning, Uses, Benefits and Dosages

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    What is Mother Tincture?

    Before we delve deeper into the topic, let’s understand the simple definition of Mother Tincture first.
    Tincture is a medicine that is made by dissolving a drug in alcohol.
    A mother tincture, on the other hand, is the base of a homeopathic remedy. It is basically the mother of a homeopathic remedy on which further dilutions are done. It is a simple combination prepared with natural extracts and a specific quantity of alcohol.

    What is Mother Tincture Used For?

    The homeopathic medicines, soluble in water or alcohol, are prepared from mother tincture. Hence, for the preparation of any homeopathic remedy, it’s necessary to make it first.
    Mother tinctures are used in curing several diseases ranging from mild to severe. However, the selection of the remedy to be used should be done only under the supervision of a certified homeopathic practitioner.
    Mother tinctures are used both as externally and internally. They are especially beneficial in the following cases:

    • Acute diseases
    • Initial stages of severe diseases
    • Emergency health problems
    • Pathological conditions

    Advantages of Mother Tincture

    Some of the advantages of using this homeopathic remedy are as follows:

    • They are easy and convenient to use.
    • It acts quickly, showing effect within 3-4 minutes and lasts for a long period.
    • Mother tincture has lesser chances of failure.
    • It doesn’t cause any harm since it is diluted tincture.
    • Works like all other homeopathic remedies: on the theory of like cures like.
    • Useful in emergency cases.
    • Enters the bloodstream much more directly, thus giving relief almost immediately.

    How is Mother Tincture Prepared?

    Following are the sources from which it is usually prepared:

    1. Plants
    2. Animals
    3. Minerals
    4. Nosodes


    Dr. Hahnemann has provided some guidelines for the preparation of mother tinctures and the guidelines are followed in order to make the most effect tinctures. These remedies are prepared using distilled water or alcohol.
    Mother tinctures which are derived from plants are usually made using fresh plants since they are more effective. However, in case fresh plants are unavailable, dry plants can also be used.
    Maceration and percolation are the methods which are used for the preparation of mother tinctures. Plant or animal sources are first cleaned and then finely chopped. Other sources are dissolved with water and then ground.
    This substance is usually mixed with the solution of alcohol and distilled water in a ratio of 9:1. However, the ratio can differ, depending on the substance.
    This mixture is left to stand in a dark place in order to avoid changing its chemical properties.
    Mixtures that are left to stand (macerated) for a longer period of time, are usually shaken at regular intervals. The alcohol in the mixture is used as a preservative in order to avoid rotting or breeding of bacteria in the mixture.

    Dosage & Administration of Mother Tincture


    There is no power or potency in mother tinctures. It is prepared directly from the source substance and prepared in single potency. It is made as a liquid and is available in that form itself. Dosage is usually in the form of drops, the consumption of which depends on the severity of the disease.

    Treatment Duration

    The duration of the treatment varies from patient to patient and also depends on the disease. What works for one patient may not work for another patient. Thus, it is best to consult a qualified homeopath and get the required remedy adjusted accordingly.


    The dosage is decided by the homeopath. The disease, the patient, the severity of the disease and the stage is kept in mind while administering the dosage amount. Since the dose varies depending on the condition and the patient, it is best to consult a qualified homeopath for the same, instead of deciding it by yourself.
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