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    Now that the winters are here, the probability of you catching a cold is higher. It wouldn’t be unusual if you woke up with a sore throat and runny nose. But that’s not something anyone would want, especially when the year is coming to an end, and when the New Year bash plans are already in place. There is nothing to worry because we have got you covered. We’ll be sharing with you some tips to prevent cold like a pro, but before that, have you ever wondered why colds are more probable during winter?
    Here are 4 reasons why you’re more likely to get sick in winter:
    1. You stay indoors most of the times
    This increases your chances of getting sick as the germs have better chances of surviving in the dry air indoors.
    2. The virus transmits faster
    That’s because the coating of the virus becomes tougher. That means the virus becomes more active and is more likely to infect you.
    3. Your immune system slows down
    It becomes more sluggish when it’s cold.
    4. You are exposed to more germs
    When you stay indoors, you are exposed to more germs, like on the doorknobs, keyboards, etc.
    So, what are the natural ways to prevent cold? Read below:
    1. Exercise daily
    Studies show that physical activity not only strengthens your muscles but your immune system also. This helps the body fight off all kinds of germs.
    2. Wash your hands frequently
    Germs on things like doorknobs, keyboards, desk etc get transferred to the body very easily when you casually touch near your eyes, nose, or mouth. To avoid this, one must wash hands regularly throughout the day. Please remember that hand sanitizers cannot replace a through hand wash.
    3. Get enough sleep
    Sleep is very essential for our body. When you do not get adequate sleep, your immune system becomes weak and you are more likely to catch cold. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.
    4. Drink adequate amount of water
    Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day and remember that coffee and juice cannot replace water. Have around 3 – 4 litres of water daily. If you happen to be fighting cold, water helps flush the toxins from the body.
    5. Go heavy on garlic
    Garlic is a tasty herb and dishes that have garlic taste great. But more importantly, garlic is a potent infection killer and it can help you a great deal in staying healthy this weekend.
    6. Curb your sugar intake
    Sugar can be harmful for our body in many ways. It not only increases our weight but also increases risk of diabetes and heart disease. Studies show that consuming sugary items can decreases immune response by 50% for up to 5 hours after consumption.
    These are a few tips that you can follow to prevent cold and all the tiredness and irritation that comes with it.
    Hope you have a healthy and safe winter. But if you do get sick, visit to get treated by the best homeopathic doctors in town.

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