Rectal Bleeding – symptoms, causes & remedy

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What is Rectal Bleeding?

Rectal Bleeding is the passage of any blood through your anus. Rectal Bleeding is usually assumed to refer to bleeding from lower colon or rectum. Rectum is basically the last few inches of large intestine. Rectal bleeding may show up in your stool, in the towel bowl or on the toilet paper. Blood that results from rectal bleeding is generally bright red in colour, but occasionally it can be dark maroon, dark tarry colour or occult (not visible to naked eyes).
The colour of the blood during rectal bleeding depends on the location of the bleeding in the GI tract. The closer the bleeding site is to the anus, brighter will be the colour of blood. Therefore, bleeding from the anus or rectum tends to be bright red whereas bleeding from transverse colon or right colon which are several feet away from the anus tend to be dark red or maroon in colour.


Various GI tract conditions such as haemorrhoids, anal fissures, colitis, straining against hard stools with hard stools with constipation are responsible for causing rectal bleeding. Some serious conditions like colorectal or anal cancer can also cause rectal bleeding. Anal Cancer is a type of cancer that can be cured if detected early. Disorders higher up in the digestive tract can also lead to rectal bleeding. It is crucial to get an early diagnosis and evaluation done by a specialist whatever the cause of rectal bleeding might be. Accurate and early diagnosis can be helpful in finding out if rectal bleeding is a sign of a major illness.  

Symptoms associated with Rectal Bleeding

  • diarrhoea
  • itching
  • straining and constipation
  • abdominal pain
  • skin problems
  • swelling around the anus

Here’s how homeopathy can help with rectal bleeding.

Homeopathic remedy for Anal Fissures
With its quick acting and 100% safe ingredients, Pile-Z from ZCare Wellness has become popular with many.
Pile-Z is capable of helping with many piles related disorders such as burning, itching or bleeding of the rectum. This homeopathic formula stimulates the body’s most efficient efforts to relieve the ugly and painful symptoms of piles.
Here’s the list of ingredients of Pile-Z that help in treating pile and other related conditions:

1. Nitrium Acidum

Nitrium Acidum helps with stabbing in the intestine, splinter pain, sensation of constriction during defecation with persistent pain after stool.

2. Aesculus Hippocastanum

This ingredient helps with the dryness and burning of external haemorrhoidal mucosa. It relieves dull pains in sacral region and venous statis.

3. Collinsonia Canadensis

This ingredient helps to treat venous congestion in the pelvis, obstipation, flatulence, and hematogenic piles.

4. Hamamelis Virginica

This is particularly helpful in treating varices, bleeding and piles.

5. Ratanhia Peruviana

This is useful in symptoms associated with aversion to food from a feeling of satiety

6. Ferrum Phosphoricum

This is an excellent homeopathic remedy for piles. This is prescribed for both bleeding and non bleeding piles.

7. Aloe Socotrina

This is prescribed when piles are present outside the anus and in the form of tiny balls.  
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