Tonsillitis? Cure it with Homoeopathy!

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    Tonsils are two lymph nodes located at the back of each side of your throat. They act as the body’s first line of defence and help prevent your body from various infections. Any foreign pathogens ingested or inhaled can cause infections such as the common cold. The tonsils prevent the body from being affected by these pathogens by stopping them and launching an autoimmune response against. However, sometimes the tonsils themselves get affected and become swollen. This condition is called tonsillitis.
    Tonsillitis is a very common childhood infection and can occur at any age. The condition is very contagious and is caused by various common viruses and bacteria such as the streptococci. It is easily diagnosed and can be treated within 7-10 days. If it becomes a recurrent condition then it may become necessary to surgically remove the tonsils.

    Causes –

    Tonsillitis is contagious and can easily spread from one person to another by sneezing, coughing or kissing. People with some immune deficiency such as HIV are more susceptible to this condition. Uncontrolled diabetes is also a cause of tonsillitis.
    Other than these, the majority of people are affected by tonsillitis due to viral and bacterial infections.

    – Viral Tonsillitis:

    Viruses such as the adenovirus, rhinovirus, influenza, HIV, herpes simplex virus cause tonsillitis in humans.

    – Bacterial Tonsillitis:

    Bacterial tonsillitis is usually caused by one particular pathogen, strep bacteria.

    Symptoms –

    Following are the common symptoms associated with tonsillitis:

    1. Redness and swelling of the tonsils
    2. Pain upon swallowing. If the condition is severe, then it might pain even when swallowing saliva. The pain can sometimes extend to the ears
    3. Fever is another add-on.

    Treating Tonsillitis With homoeopathy

    Allopathy uses antibiotics to treat acute tonsillitis to an extent. However, mostly tonsillitis is caused by viruses so administering antibiotics will actually weaken the immunity of the patient and results in bacteria being resistant. If the tonsillitis recurs often then the doctors surgically remove the tonsils altogether. Removal of the tonsils is a very gratuitous thing to do because doing so would remove the first line of defense in the patient’s body.
    Tonsils are in place in order to stop harmful foreign bodies from entering our body. Once they are removed, harmful bacteria and viruses can travel straight to the inner, vital organs such as lungs and the stomach.  Instead, figuring out the reason behind recurrent infections would be the logical step.
    Once we are aware of the exact cause behind the infections, we can then figure out a way to make the patient avoid getting the infection. Apart from that, simultaneously a homoeopathic treatment could begin that will result in strengthening the individual’s immune system. When it comes to chronic tonsillitis, making the body’s immune system stronger will help the individual fight back infections. Thus, the tonsils won’t be infected or pain.
    ZCare Wellness Research team found that tonsillitis is very common, with more than a million cases in India every year. To provide a solution to this infection, we have launched a medicine perfectly curated to help you get rid of tonsillitis in a safe and natural way. Febri-Z can be used for tonsillitis and other types of throat infections. It is made up with a concoction of homoeopathic medicines such as:

    • Aconitum Napellus
    • Bryonia Alba
    • Belladonna
    • Baptisia
    • Eupatorium Perfoliatum
    • Ferrum Phos
    • Gelsemium
    • Rhus Tox.

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