What Homeopathy is not?

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    Homeopathy is one of those streams of science which is either highly understood or highly misunderstood. As important it is to understand what Homeopathy means, it is equally important to understand what homeopathy is not. So, below mentioned are a few things that homeopathy is not.

    • It is not a miracle or magic

    Some people believe that Homeopathy can cure most incurable diseases like cancer, etc. Homeopathy is simply a science that follows a few basic rules. It is very effective but it doesn’t do miracles.

    • Homeopathy is not just mind based medicine

    Studying the emotions and mindset of the patient is an important aspect, however it is not the only determining factor.

    • Homeopathy is not against the modern medicine

    Many people believe that modern medicine and homeopathy are against each other, but the fact is that Homeopathy is just a science; a part of medical science.

    • Homeopathy is not spiritual

    Since the dose of physical substance given to patients in homeopathic medicine is too small that it cannot be measured, many people have connected homeopathy with spirituality.

    • Homeopathy is not placebo theory

    The nonbelievers of homeopathy has always criticized homeopathy as placebo theory. The reason for that is the lack of enough research on the subject as per the modern medicine guidelines. Since the results of homeopathic medicines are quite reproducible, documentable and measurable, it is far beyond placebo.

    • Homeopathy is not so slow

    This is statement is partly true and false. Homeopathy is not slow for chronic diseases, but it is comparatively slow in acute diseases, and it is extremely slow is the treatment of critical diseases.
    While it is important to understand what Homeopathy is and what it does, it is equally critical to understand what it is not. Don’t forget to read the second part of this article that will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

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