Yes, diabetics can eat chocolate!

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    There’s something to this word, isn’t it?
    Just reading or hearing it makes you remember the sinfully delicious flavour. Almost like you can taste it.
    Imagine having to choose between chocolate and good health. Sounds depressing, I know.
    But that is the unfortunate state of people with diabetes. They’re not allowed to eat foods containing sugar because it causes their blood sugar to rise.
    Here’s a piece of good news: Diabetic people can eat chocolate!
    But wait, don’t go overboard with it. Make sure that you have it in moderation and limit your intake to a few squares.

    What are the benefits of eating dark chocolate?

    The best thing is that there isn’t just one benefit of eating dark chocolate. Yes, there are more than one!

    1. Highly nutritious
    2. Good source of antioxidants
    3. Can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure
    4. Helps to raise HDL and prevents oxidation of LDL
    5. Can possibly reduce the risk of heart diseases
    6. Can protect your skin from the sun
    7. Could improve brain function

    However, you have to take care of one thing – the cocoa content of the chocolate should be high. Read the label to check a percentage of 70-85% cocoa content to get maximum benefits from the heavenly chocolate bar.

    The sweet bridge – diabetes and dark chocolate

    Here’s a secret: diabetic people can not only consume dark chocolate but it actually works against their disease.
    Surprised? Allow us to explain.
    Dark chocolate contains chemical compounds called polyphenols. These compounds are found naturally as micronutrients in various plants and they have antioxidant properties.
    It is suggested that the polyphenols in dark chocolate may show an improvement in insulin sensitivity. This can, in turn, can help in controlling the blood sugar in a person’s body. Improved insulin sensitivity can allow a delay or result in the prevention of the onset of diabetes.
    You don’t believe us? Don’t worry, it’s backed up by science!
    Appetite conducted a study in 2016 showed that people who eat chocolate (or more preferably, dark chocolate) at least once a week, can lower the prevalence of diabetes and reduce the risk for diabetes even 4-5 years later.
    The analysis also discovered that people who ate chocolate less than once per week had double the chances of getting diabetes in comparison to the other group of people.
    But what if you are already diabetic?
    Don’t worry, dark chocolate is beneficial for you too!
    A research by ARYA Atherosclerosis had an analysis of people with Type 2 Diabetes. Some of the people consumed 25 grams of dark chocolate and others had white chocolate for about 8 weeks.
    The research stated that people who consumed dark chocolate had lowered blood pressure in comparison to those who had consumed white chocolate. Another benefit was decreased fasting blood sugar in those who had dark chocolate.
    How to pick the right chocolate if you have diabetes
    When browsing for dark chocolates, you’ll have to be careful because some variants could be more beneficial for you than others.
    Wondering how? It’s pretty simple.

        It all depends on the percentage of the ingredients of that particular chocolate. Here’s a checklist to help you make the right choice:


    1. Look at the cocoa content:

    Some “dark chocolates

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